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Research and Public Speaking

Media Presence First Half of 2004

Iran ready to Take it to the Brink

6/29/04 (PDF)


Iraqís Handover of Power 6/28/04 (PDF)


Iranian Fighters in Iraq 6/27/04 (PDF)


Is the UN too soft on Iran? 6/20/04 (PDF)


Iran: An Effort to cover up  6/19/04


Iran: Nuclear Weapons and the UN6/19/04 (PDF)


Beheading of Paul Johnson 6/18/04


Images Show Iran May Be Hiding Nuke Plants  6/18/04


UN calling on Iran to be more transparent 6/14/04


Selecting a New Iraqi President 5/31/04 (PDF)


Iran Sending Suicide Bombers to Iraq5/27/04 Watch the Video


Iran Military Supervising Atomic ExpertsReuters 4/27/04 (PDF)


Iran May be Running Nuke Programs (AP)4/27/04 (PDF)


Iran Stopping Leak of its Nuclear Programs 4/27/04


Iran Inciting Violence in Southern Iraq  4/22/04


Eye on Iran 4/21/04


Links Between Iraqi Extremists and Iran   4/11/04


Commentary: Iran behind Iraq unrest?  4/9/04 (PDF)


Iran's Involvement in Iraq



Another Nuclear Promise from Iran? 4/06/04


Interview on FOX  News

3/13/04 (PDF)

Interview on FOX  News

3/09/04 (PDF)

Interview on FOX  News

2/21/04 (PDF)

Interview on FOX  News

2/20/04 (PDF)

Interview on FOX  News

2/17/04 (PDF)

Interview on FOX  News

2/16/04 (PDF)

Interview on FOX  News

2/15/04 (PDF)

Interview on FOX  News

2/13/04 (PDF)

Commentary on FrontPage Magazine

2/11/04 (PDF)

Interview on FOX  News

2/11/04 (PDF)

Interview on FOX  News

2/08/04 (PDF)

Interview on FOX  News

2/06/04 (PDF)

Interview on FOX  News

1/05/04 (PDF)


Media Presence 2003:

Interview on FOX  News

12/25/03 (PDF)

Interview on FOX  News

11/30/03 (PDF)

Interview on FOX  News

11/20/03 (PDF)

Op-ed in Austin American-Statesmen

11/19/03 (PDF)

Latest Panel Discussion

Op-ed in Baltimore Sun

11/17/03 (PDF)

Media Engagement

Our experts have proven record and reliable analysis on policy implications and Iran's Weapons of Mass Destruction Program. Our staff have frequently appeared on television and radio broadcast as well as print media.  SPC Inc. offers in-depth and knowledgeable analysis on Iranís WMD program and terrorism around the world.

Frequent appearances include news programs include Fox News, CNN, CNNI, MSNBC, CBS Evening News, NBC, C-Span, VOA, NPR, and BBC.

On print media, our staff have published essays and interviews in outlets such as New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Baltimore Sun, Chicago Tribune, Washington Times, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, Philadelphia Inquirer, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, Time, Newsweek, Space & Missile, Defense Week, Arms Control Today, and Financial Times.

The experts of SPC have also conducted interviews with major news agencies including Associated Press, Reuters, United Press International, Dow Jones, Bloomberg News, Agence France Presse, Deutsche Presse Agenteur, and ANSA.

Contact us: services@spconsulting.us

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to use our services or need more information: 

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Our Media Presence

FEATURED SPEAKER: Mr. Alireza Jafarzadeh, Founder and President of Strategic Policy Consulting Inc.


The SPC staffs are available for

 media interviews and can offer 

 their expertise to the media. 


 Our team members have provided

 accurate information and analysis 

 to the international media. Some 

 of them are as follows:

  • Exposing Iranís involvement in the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, on April 16, 1997

  • Revealing Iranís involvement in the Jewish community center bombing in Argentina in 1993

  • Alerting the international community about Iranís nuclear weapons program in 1991

  • Revealing Iran's Natanz uranium enrichment facility, August 2002

  • Uncovering Arak's heavy water facility, August 2002

  • Exposing Ab-Ali centrifuge testing facility, February 2003

  • Disclosed details of Iranís development of bio-weapons, May 2003

  • Unveiling Iranís new nuclear sites in Kolahdouz, and Ardekan, July 2003

  • Revealing details of Iranís successful test of Shahab 3 missile , January 1998

  • Exposing the fictitious and ineffective ďmoderatesĒ including Mohammad Khatami following the presidential elections in 1997

  • Warning about the rising threat of Islamic fundamentalism in 1991