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The SPC staff has spoken frequently at the US Congress, academic seminars, newsmaker programs and institutions, including the Council on Foreign Relations and Morning Newsmaker at the National Press Club. They have also lectured at universities and colleges including National War College, National Defense University, Georgetown University, and University of Michigan.

Team members have conducted congressional activities and met with members of US Congress and staff on a variety of issues related to Iran, including human rights violations, terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, weapons of mass destruction and the Middle East peace process.

SPC staff members have testified at a number of hearings and briefings in the US Congress as well as the United Nations. They have often addressed the Iranian-American community conferences.

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Expert Services

 The SPC experts can provide  

 consulting on international policy

 matters, conflict resolution,

 unconventional crisis control, and

 regional & international crisis



 They can provide comparative

 analysis of broad policy

 pronouncements and tough

 challenges of unforeseen realities 

 in the field, especially in Iran and