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Alireza Jafarzadeh on Fox Report


Fox Report Weekend


Saturday, February 05, 2005



Congress Considers Backing

Pro-Democracy Groups in Iran


Page Hopkins: Condoleezza Rice is refusing to comment on a regime change in Iran but some members of Congress are pretty busy talking about it. A movement is now underway-on Capitol Hill to help opponents of the Iranian leadership. The goal is to create a peaceful transition to democracy there. Steve Centanni, national correspondent with the Fox Report, live from Washington, Steve.





Steve Centanni: Hi Page, this move on Capitol Hill to throw support to Iranian opposition groups is consistent with President Bush’ promise to stand behind the people of Iran. Our experts say there is widespread opposition in Iran to the ruling Ayatollahs there; one example is this student demonstration in 2003. Republican Senator, Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania plans to introduce a bill aimed at supporting the opposition and encouraging an uprising against the Ayatollahs; something that many believe is long overdue.


Alireza Jafarzadeh (FNC Foreign Affairs Analyst): I think because everyday there are people being hanged and executed in the country, there is already bloodshed, extensively all over the country; I think the people of Iran are ready to do whatever it takes to bring down the Ayatollahs and end 25 years of the bloody tyranny of the regime.





Steve Centanni: President Bush believes in promoting the spread of freedom around the world, and supporting the Iranian opposition would be one way to do it. But one expert says the US needs to be very careful about how it supports the Iranian opposition.


Dennis Ross (FNC Foreign Affairs Analyst): Because I think if we do things in a very open way then it’s simply supporting a principle. If it looks like we are doing it through covert means, who is it you are joining with? How reliable are they? I mean our history of doing covert business with Iranians is not exactly a happy one.



Steve Centanni: Senator Santorum’s bill is expected to be introduced on Capitol Hill next week. So far its not exactly known which opposition groups will be helped by the bill or exactly what kind of support they’d get. Page?


Page Hopkins: Steve Centanni, thank you.


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